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Princess Njideka featured in a movie titled Royalty to Royalty alongside with Nkem Owoh (Osuofia), Gentle Jack and many others.

The songstress from Anambra statehinted that she has been working on a new album due for release anytime soon.

Let’s jump straight to the interview. Enjoy!

Q & A

Question: Please could you introduce yourself to our readers who might not of heard of you?Answer: My name is princess Njideka okeke. I am a gospel Artiste and hail from Nanka in Anambra state.======================================================================================

Question: Are you working on any projects at the moment?Answer: Yes I am working on my new album which will be out before December by Gods grace.======================================================================================

Question: When and how did you start your music career?Answer: Well I started in 2002 when I met my husband prince Gozie Okeke. He got me into music because he was a musician long before I met him. After we got together,we started collaborating and God kept blessing us.======================================================================================

Question: What was the name of your first album?Answer: My first album was ministration worship part 1 well known as Omalicha Chukwu======================================================================================

Question: Do you write your songs by yourself?Answer: Well, my husband does most of the writing. We write together sometimes. I must say he is a writer as well as a musician.======================================================================================

Question: Have you ever collaborated with any other Nigerian musicians? If yes who and who?Answer: Yes I have collaborated with a Rev father that goes by name Ejike Nwankwor. My husband initially didn’t want me to collaborate with him but to my surprise, he changed his mind when Ejike Nwankwor spoke to him.======================================================================================

Question: What will you call you brand of music?Answer: My music is gospel. I play only gospel music and it gives me joy.======================================================================================

Question: Who is the best director you have worked with?Answer: Well all my directors are good and creative======================================================================================

Question: Who will you call the best producer?Answer: Ken Ibeanusi and Pascal zeal. They are all good. My husband prince GOZIE okeke is a producer too. I will say he is the best producer.======================================================================================

Question: How many albums do you have so far?Answer: All together, they are 4. Ministration 1 ( omalicha chukwu), ministration 2 (Akanchawa), testimony Worship 1 (onwu ike is not my portion) and testimony 2 (Gbaraya egwu di mma)======================================================================================

Question: Is there anything this interview didn’t cover that you still want to add?Answer: Yes. I want to thank God for our kids. They did their first album titled "let's sing melody" by Gozie okeke junior.

I believe with GOD the father, he will excel. He sings very well and doesn't miss keys at the tender age of 7. He is Gozie junior well known in our music as Gozie nwa Amuruofuru.